About Us

Many patients would not be able to complete their childhood without the life-changing therapies in development at Andelyn Biosciences. By manufacturing gene therapies for clients worldwide, Andelyn is providing cures and hope for families looking for a healthy future.

Andelyn Biosciences was born out of Nationwide Children's Hospital and continues to have a close relationship with its world-class Abigail Wexner Research Institute.

The name “Andelyn” was chosen to pay tribute to two patients that participated in pivotal clinical trials at Nationwide Children's. Their combined names serve as a reminder that while  Andelyn is a biotech business, the patient is always first.

Our History

The road to the formation of Andelyn Biosciences started more than 15 years ago on the third floor of a research building at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. At that time, GMP facilities were unheard of at children’s hospitals and gene therapy research was a rarity.

Mission, Vision and Values

Andelyn Biosciences is driven by our fundamental purpose, highly reliable quality and unparalleled expertise. Our innovative manufacturing capabilities are paired with our clients’ life-changing research. Therapies for incurable diseases and rare disorders are the result.

The Inspiration in our Name

The corporate name “Andelyn Biosciences” represents a hybrid of two gene therapy pioneers who participated in pivotal Phase I clinical trials at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Expanding Capabilities

Andelyn Biosciences has the ability to support Phase III programs as of 2020. The company has expanded its capabilities to offer both adherent and suspension mode manufacturing up to 200L scale.

Board of Directors

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